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Why ANTSAND wants to offer this service to you?

1. Technical Help

The reason why we started offering website maintenance, is to help business owners like you, who need technical help, have the ability to hire a website developer at a moments notice, at a cost that is cheap, affordable and convenient.

Finding somone with development or programming experience can be a very daunting task. Whether you find a freelancer from your neighbourhood or the internet, or your nephew, niece, aunt or uncle who claims they can fix your website, most likely will fall short in terms of the quality, the time it takes to fix the issue, and in many cases will not have the skills to fix your website. It is difficult to trust if one can do the job.

We want business owners like you to feel comfortable and trusted.

With ANTSAND website maintenance, you now know, hiring a good technical team is no more a challenge.

2. Lead Generation!

Your website is your virtual salesperson. You want your website to talk to as many strangers as it can, so that it can convert some of those strangers into potential customers.

To put your website in front of many eye balls as possible, your website needs to be searchable. If users are looking for a service you offer, and they are not able to find you online, your business is losing on a major refferal source..

This is called SEO. Search Engine Optimization. If your website is not showing up on search for keywords relevant to your business, you need help.

SEO being a complex art and science, many business owners give up or resort to other strategies to get leads. This is why we created a maintenance service. We want to help you rank properly on search results. Our proven strategies are not only effective to rank you high on search, but will also start to give you leads.

We want to make this service accesible to every business owner. Hence the low and inexpensive price.

3. Trust building and Content Help!

Content is king!

Have you ever told your salesperson, use only 4 sentences to make a sales? How rediculous does it sound? Somehow, when it comes to your website, you try to make it work with only a few sentences. Selling is selling. Be it in person, in print, in words, word of mouth, etc. the principles do not change.

Most of the problems you have with your website is probably due to inadequate content. Be it not ranking properly on search or not able to close potential leads.

We created a maintenance service, to help you organize your content, so that it does not look too wordy and boring, but elegant, engaging, exciting, and most importantly, do it's job to SELL.

More comprehensive your content is, the more trust you build, resulting in more leads and sales.

4. Conversion Help!

If you are getting visitors to your website, but not able to make them take action, you have a conversion problem.

Your conversion problem might stem from a technical issue or a user experience issue.

We created this maintenance service to help you with both. Be it your form is not working to collect data, or a button is not working, or your website is not mobile/tablet responsive or the flow of your website is not quite right.

We know we can fix such issues quickly. We do not want you to be in agony or in frustration. This inexpensive maintenance service, is your solution to your conversion problems.

Why High Performance?

  • Your website will be updated in a few hours
  • Pay as you go. The more changes you need fixed, the cheaper it gets
  • Your changes are thoroughly tested and backed up, so you do not face the same issues again.
  • We are agnostic to most platforms. Which means, we can fix your website, no matter what platform it is running on.
  • Any changes you need updated on your website, our team will be able to fix it. If we cannot fix it, we will let you know. But as you will find out, we can fix quite a lot.
ANTSANDs' high performance website maintenance is like having a team of SUPERIOR WEB DEVELOPERS who will take care of your website at a moments notice
Need Quick SEO fixes?

ANTSAND "High Performance Website Maintenance' is not only crafted to fix bugs on your website but to also help your business look great on SEARCH LISTINGS. This service has been very thoroughly planned, to help you grow your brand and turn website visitors into customers!

Having said that ...

Would you like to boost your search engine rankings locally (Local SEO)?
Do you have written testimonials from your clients and want Google to display those reviews?
Would you like to know what keywords on Google trigger your website to show up?
For just USD $249, you get

Google website tools

With Google website tools, you will get
1. Google Analytics
2. Google My Business and
3. Google Search Console Installed
Learn More

Rich Snippet

Rich snippets not showing in search results? With rich snippet you can have your business stand out on the search engine results page (SERP). These snippets allow you to look more dominant amongst your competitiors.
Learn More

Testimonial Display

With testimonial display, you can have all your testimonials from various different sources displayed by Google.
Learn More

NAP Update

With NAP update, we make sure your business Name, Address and Phone Number is consistent on all platforms. Incorrect information can lead to loss in revenue.
Learn More

Security Update

With Security update, you will have a secure sign indicated by the browser when visitors visit your website.
Learn More

One page SEO Report

With this one page SEO report, we will audit your current website and you will have a game plan on what actions to take immediately to boost your SEO rankings.
Learn More

You and I both know, ranking on the 1st page of GOOGLE (SEO) is everything on the internet.

But the reality is this,

When your website does not rank properly on Google, your business is not working.

I mean, forget ranking #1 on Google,

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could tell Google that you have testimonials from different sources, and you would like it to show up on your search rankings?

Wouldn’t it be great to know what keywords visitors are searching for, so that you can write relevant content?

Wouldn’t it be great to rank not just on Google search, but also on Google Maps?

If you are already ranking well on Google, wouldn’t it be great to rank higher for a larger variety of keywords?

And, if your business is only for local customers would not it be great to rank higher in your local community?

ANTSAND website maintenance SEO suite, is designed just for this purpose. You get all of the following:

Google my business, Google analytics and Google search console installed. Your website will be equipped with the right analytic tools for better research and action plan.

Rich card snippets installed. For better search display and visibility

NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) updated on facebook, google, yelp and Bing for consistency

$49 worth SSL installation for your website to be secure and https compliant

Site audit with a one page report detailing your immediate action plan to boost your SEO rankings

The base price for ANTSAND website maintenance SEO suite is only $249.

With the above features, ANTSAND can tell Google you have quality written testimonials given to you by your clients, you will have your business listed professionally on Google My Business, you will rank on Google Maps and Local SEO, your wesite will be secure which will boost SEO rankings and we will audit your website, and give you an immediate action plan to help you rank higher for a borader set of keywords.

For more clarification, send us an email at

Rich Snippet and search result page (SERP) Google Maps and Business Listings Google Analytics and Keyword Analysis (Search console) Monitor your Google Preformance Integrate google SEO suite
DISCLAIMER: ANTSAND website maintenance SEO suite, is only designed for those businesses that have authentic customer testimonials. If you are trying to game Google or spam your own testimonials, ANTSAND website maintenance is NOT for YOU.

We only work with those companies that have excellent services and products and lack the digital marketing expertise to market their business online. Everything done at ANTSAND is all WHITE HAT SEO. We are not in the business of gaming search engines, and you should avoid it too.

There is no gurantee that Google will post your testimonials and display your ratings in search results. We are only enabling such features on your website. It is still at the mercy of Google and other search enignes to validate and authenticate how trust worthy your brand is.

Choose a plan according to your budget and needs

All plans include a site backup

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We will reply to you by email or give you a call on which plan option, would best suite the work needed to be done on your website.

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While we wait for your payments, we will be setting up a developer to work on your task list.


At ANTSAND, we believe in best practice software development as a way to maintain your website. Whether you want to use our service for one task or multiple tasks, we follow a strict checklist which ensures your website is fixed properly. This guarantees that we meet your expectations, leading you to be headache free.

Step 5
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Premium Maintenance and Support Catalog

What kind of task can we do for you? As you shall see, quite a lot ...

SEO Help?

Do you want to rank higher on google searches? Do you want your result to showcase testimonials, price range and your offerings? Do you want to measure how well your site is performing? Integrate google SERP's, google analytics, google search console and google my business with your website.

Website Template Maintenance

Boring stuff that needs to be done like optimizing image size, fixing links, buttons or redirects. You dont have to procastinate. Let us fix it, while you take care of business.

SSL and Security

Is your site secure? Are people safe when they browse your website? Not sure how to check it! Let us evaluate and secure your website.

Wordpress Development

Having wordpress issues? Need to change or add an image, add a plugin, speed your site up? Want to get your website working with no glitches, we got it covered. Dont sweat it!

If you want us to progam a custom feature without using plugins, send us an email. We know what pain plugins can cause.

Database Management

Speed up your Mysql database. Fix broken records. Diagnose issues. Backup, import, export or even migrate your data. Not much fun, but we can you do it for you.

Website Evaluation

Let us make sure your site has all the parameters and is optimized for search engines to index it. Sounds confusing? We can help resolve the pain.

Administrative Updates and Optimization

Site is slow and buggy. Let us take care of optimizing your images or optimizing components that are slowing down your website. Technical! We got it covered.

Social Media Maintenance

Want to add social media components to your website? Don't break your head trying to do it. Let us handle it.


Are you measuring how your website is performing? Integrate analytics that can measure your traffic, user flow or heat maps.

Choose a plan according to your budget and needs

All plans include a site backup

Need to fix your site right now, but not sure which plan to choose?
Email us at
Or call us at 604-363-5816

Frequently asked questions

What is Website Premium Support?

Website Premium Support is help 24/7/365 to fix website related issues that come up at a moment’s notice.

How can I benefit from Premium Support?

You get peace of mind, less stress and not to mention time savings. Knowing that you have an expert team caring for your website while you tend to your business. It will take a huge weight off your shoulders.

What task are supported?

From simple website changes, helping with security, backup, database issues, changing or moving an image around. Just to name a few.

Which plan is best for me?

It depends on how much help you need. If you need more help, choosing a higher task plan can save you more.

What happens if I don’t use all my task?

Agreements are based on a calendar month. Unused task can not be carried forward. If a task is in progress, your task will be deducted from the month you requested it.

Are there any tasks that fall outside support and maintenance?

Yes. Tasks such as writing your blog or content, doing unethical ways of ranking your website, etc. For a complete list, please read this link.

What if I use up all my task and I need more task to complete my work?

You can either upgrade to a new task tier or purchase individual task.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Serach Engine Optimization. It is simply optimizing your website so that search engines can rank you high. In simpler terms, it brings more eyes to your website. More people, More traffic.

What if I have more questions?

Call us at 604-363-5816 or email us at

Choose a plan according to your budget and needs

All plans include a site backup

Need to fix your site right now, but not sure which plan to choose?
Email us at
Or call us at 604-363-5816

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