ANTSAND for Marketers

Optimize your website for conversion and growth

What ANTSAND delivers

Faster Websites

Depending on the stack, the website will be prerendered and deployed on edge networks

More Secure

With fewer points of attack, websites by default will be safe and secure

High Scale

With global delivery and optimized code, your site will be designed to scale

Improved Developer Experience

Work faster, build faster and launch faster. Increase productivity and deplyment cycles

How Markerters can Benefit

Creating marketing content, capturing leads and turning them to potential customers is both an art and a science. ANTSAND gives you the tools to systematically market your product and services for you to grow.

Create Content

Creating content must be easy. The type of content you want to create must also be easy to setup. This includes writing a blog, writing copy for a webpage, creating a podcast, creating and placing graphics elements and more. Content creation is diverse and so are your customers. Each of your potential customers will absorb your content differently. To help you keep the end in mind, ANTSAND helps you create content that is most appropriate for your end user.

Customize content

Podcast, blogs, eBooks, white papers, website copy, video blog, downloadable content, surveys, social media content, content based on each user, content based on type, modality, or platform and so on. Content is complex. Your users expect your content to be customized based on their needs and wants. How do you do it. This is the power of ANTSAND. Helping you create and customize content based on the user, platform and modality.

Market your Content

How do you want to market your content? Different channels require a different content strategy. Different channels also require a different form of content. ANTSAND allows you to use blogs, podcast, create a website, create survey, create interactive elements and beyond. It is optimized for your users to engage and convert them to customers.

Promote it

How and where do you market? Would SEO or SEM work, would inbound marketing work, would out bound marketing work. However you plan to promote your content ANTSAND makes sure your digital assets including your website can be easily shared on social media, adheres to the latest SEO strategies and is optimized for paid advertisements.

Capture Leads

Once you have promoted your content, you want to capture leads. You want to engage with your users once you have them in your pipeline. Integrated with ANTSAND are powerful user capturing tools and relationship building tools. Capture leads, promote customized content and convert them to customers. ANTSAND is a tool that want to help you succeed.