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Whether you are a content creator, a blogger, or a communication specialist, ANTSAND's goal is to give you the tools to help you spread your message effectively.

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Step 1

Start a Content Project
Sign-up and Start a content project based on your application

Step 2

Organize content
Start creating content or import from other platforms

Step 3

Build and Map
Build your website layout. Map the content to the layout

Step 4

Ready and deploy
Git track, commit the change and auto-deploy to edge networks

How it Works



  • Gather data from any source.
  • Organize your data for further processing 
  • Make better decisions based on the data collected
  • Segregate your data and map them to the right marketing channel
Content Management Accelerated allows you to gather data from various sources. The various data collecting tools include form inputs, API logs, survey campaigns, conversion optimization data, user data, sensor data, and a lot more.  Having the ability to manage the data, make sense of it, and map it to the right endpoint for further processing is the essence of the data collection step.


  • Organize the raw data into usable content.
  •  Add media elements like Pictures, video, text, audio, virtual reality to your data to make it presentable. ANTSAND CMA provides an intuitive interface for storing, retrieving, and organizing media elements. 
  • Modularize your content depending on your use case. Use your content to - Populate your website, write a blog, create a podcast, create online-learning courses, create an e-commerce store, post job listing and recruit brilliant and talented people and a lot more. 
ANTSAND helps modularize your digital workflow into different steps. This allows marketers, programmers, digital leaders, and project managers to use the app collaboratively.

This divide and conquer approach to content management is what sets us apart. The ability to organize content in a highly structured way has been the macro goal of ANTSAND CMA

Layout & Design

  • Design a website by stacking different layout sections 
  • Add new or reuse the same pre-defined skeleton structure for each section of your website. 
  • Change the look and feel of each section based on CSS styles and class. 
  • Map your content to a part of a layout section
After you have your content ready it is now time to render it and display it on a website. After you design the look and feel of the section you then map the content to where exactly in the section you want the content to render.  

ANTSAND separates the content and the design as it gives you the independence to change things easily. This decoupled approach allows for greater flexibility, scaling, and time-saving. 

Development and Deployment 

  • ANTSAND uses an MVC or JAMSTACK structure to automatically build and deploy your website.  
  • This allows every website deployed to have a Model, View, Controller, or JAMSTACK architecture. 
  • The content is automatically fetched using API's from ANTSAND servers and saved into a file. This allows for much faster real-time fetching compared to traditional ways of fetching data from a database.
  • The mapping of content to the layout is configured into the API.
  • Every deployment is tracked using Git. The page structure, layout, design, styles, content mapping, and APIs.
  • You can also use the APIs as a stand-alone feature and deploy it on any channel you want. Be it an app, a smartwatch, or a voice-controlled device.

Analyze and Optimize

  • Analyze how your website is performing using heatmaps. scroll map, user interaction, and user profile
  • Make adjustments and optimize your website for engagement, ease of use, or conversions.
  • Do A/B testing the right way across your website based on the data analyzed.
ANTSAND understands what continuous improvement is all about. Analyze and Optimize is a critical step towards continuous improvement. By incorporating powerful analytics while making powerful incremental improvements your website will start to give you a high return on your investment. 

Who can benefit

About CMA+

Create, Organize, Deploy

CMA+ - Content Management Accelerated+ is a powerful API driven content management system. It is a tool to create, organize, and deploy your digital content. You can design websites with a powerful layout builder, map your content, and deploy it on a highly optimized MVC or JAMSTACK architecture.

ANTSAND uses Git to track every change. The data and content are fetched as an API and stored into a file. It is this file that is tracked by Git. This also allows all real-time processing to be fetched from a file making it safe, secure, reliable, and fast.

Lastly, ANTSAND is designed for Continous Improvement. For your website to succeed you need to constantly make adjustments that will help you achieve your goals faster. Analyze and optimize is an in-built feature of ANTSAND allowing you to continuously improve and innovate at ease. 

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